Instructions for Panel Chairs and Presenters

• Individual papers have been grouped into panels by the conference committee.
• A chairperson has been appointed for each panel.
• A chairperson is responsible for 1.) Introducing the panel, order of presentation, and speakers, 2.) Keeping track of time for each presentation, 3.) Moderating the Q&A session after presentations.
• Each paper presenter has 15 minutes for presentation, followed by a question-and-answer session.
• All chairpersons and presenters are expected to arrive 10 minutes before the start of the session to upload their Powerpoint slides, etc.
• Presenters must bring their own computers; we can only supply screens and projectors.
• We cannot photocopy papers for participants.


• 个别报名的发表⼈依议题的相关性纳⼊不同的会议研讨⼩组。
• 每⼀个研讨⼩组都有⼀位被⼤会委任的主持⼈。
• ⼤会委任的主持⼈之职务包括:介绍专题小组之论文顺序和讲员、记录时间、主持问答环节。
• 每⼀篇论⽂的发表时间为15分钟,剩余的时间为问答环节。
• 所有的主持⼈和发表⼈必须⾄少在相关场次开始⼗分钟前抵达现场以利会议的安排和准备作业如上载投影⽚等。
• 主持⼈必须携带⾃⼰的电脑;我们只能提供屏幕和投影仪。
• 我们没有现场打印或影印的服务。

3 responses to “Instructions for Panel Chairs and Presenters”

  1. Dan Tsang

    What kind of cables are needed to connect with a projector? Will those be provided?

  2. Hongyan Yang

    Hi: I will be presenting at the conference. I was wondering how can we get in touch with our panel chair? Where are the contact information of panel chairs listed? Thanks in advance for your response.

    1. joshua chan

      Dear Hongyan Yang,

      Dr. John Price from The University of Victoria will be your panel chair. He can be reached at joprice​@uvic​.ca

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