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ISSCO 2016 will take place on July 6-8 at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel. Register now!


Previous Conferences:


ISSCO I: “Luodi Shenggen: The Legal, Political, and Economic Status of Chinese in the Diaspora,” convened jointly with the Department of Ethnic Studies the University of California, Berkeley, in California, United States of America in 1992.

ISSCO II: “The Last Half Century of Chinese Overseas: Comparative Perspectives,” convened jointly with the Hong Kong University in Hong Kong in 1994.

ISSCO III: “Intercultural Relations, Cultural Transformation of ethnic Chinese Communities,” convened jointly with Kaisa Para Sa Kaunlaran Inc. and Ateneo de Manila University in Manila, Philippines in 1998.

ISSCO IV: “New Frontiers for Chinese Overseas Research,” organized by the Sun Yat-Sen Institute for Social Sciences and Philosophy (ISSP), Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan in 2001.

ISSCO V: “New Chinese Migrants: Globalization of Chinese Overseas Migration,” held at LO-School in Elsinore, Denmark in 2004.

ISSCO VI: “Recent Trends in the Relations between Chinese Abroad and their Ancestral Homeland,” convened jointly with Peking University, Beijing, China in 2007.

ISSCO VII: “Migration, Indigenization and Exchange: Chinese Overseas from Global Perspectives,” jointly by ISSCO, the Chinese Heritage Center and the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore in 2010.

ISSCO VIII: “Local, Regional and Transnational: Chinese Overseas Reconsidered convened by the Institute of Chinese Studies,” Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, held at the Palace of Golden Horses hotel in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia, in 2013.


1999. Regional Latin America Conference, held jointly with the University of Havana, at the Habana Libre Hotel, in Havana, Cuba.

2000. “Chinese Overseas and Asia-Pacific Rim Countries: Opportunities and Challenges in the New Millennium,”held jointly with Yonsei University, in Seoul, South Korea.

2002. “Kaihua Jieguo Zai Haiwai: An International Conference on Literatures of the Chinese Diaspora” jointly held with the Asian American Studies, at the University of California, Berkeley .

2005. Regional conference in Australia held jointly with The Chinese Studies Association of Australia Ninth Biennial Conference, at the Chinese Dragon Museum, Bendigo, Australia.

2006. “Diversity in Diaspora: The Chinese Overseas,” jointly with the University of Praetoria, South Africa.

2012. “Chinese Language Teaching and Education in a Globalizing Southeast Asia,” jointly convened between ISSCO and the Confucius Institute of Ateneo de Manila University City, held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ortigas, Pasig City, Philippines.

2014. “Chinese Diaspora from South to South,” jointly convened between ISSCO and Panama National University. The conference was held in Panama at Curundu Campus, University of Panama from August 6-9, 2014. The Conference Program Committee was chaired by Professor Ramon Mon of Universidad Santa Maria La Antigua, Magister Gina Roman, National University of Panama.


Scholars at ISSCO Panama 2014

2015. “East Asia and the Chinese Overseas,” held at Seoul National University
(SNU) on.  Jointly organized by ISSCO and the Seoul National University (China Center of Graduate School of International Studies), the conference addressed the increasing global significance of China and East Asia and the roles of the Chinese overseas. Featured presentations included: the impact of China on the Chinese overseas and their countries; connection between the Chinese overseas and China; Chinese overseas in and from Korea and Japan; Taiwan and the Chinese overseas; Chinese overseas and East Asia.