Check out the following post-conference excursion activities. Click on image to enlarge poster for details. 请浏览以下有关旅游资讯,点击海报放大。

For more information, please contact the respective excursion organizers listed on the poster. ISSCO/UBC will not be responsible for arranging your excursion bookings or handling inquiries. 如阁下需要更多资料,请自行联络旅行团组织者(见海报)。本大会并不负责处理阁下有关旅游方面的咨询/购票。

The advertised excursions are offered by third party vendors. In the event an activity is cancelled for reasons beyond the control of UBC/ISSCO, UBC/ISSCO will not be responsible for any cancellation charges assessed to conference registrants or other participants, including but not limited to charges assessed by airlines, travel agencies, or hotels. Travel insurance is the responsibility of individual conference registrants, other participants and vendors. 以下旅游资讯由个别本地组织提供。如旅游活动因主办单位无法控制的原因取消,参加者因此取消或更改行程而被航空公司、旅游机构或酒店征收费用,UBC/ISSCO 概不负责。大会鼓励参加者自行购买旅游保险。


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