WCILCOS Conferences

Past WCILCOS Conferences


Photo courtesy of the official webpage of The World Confederation of Institutes and Libraries for Chinese Overseas Studies

International Conference of Institutes and Libraries for Overseas Chinese Studies
2000 Conference
Athens, USA
The 1st Conference
2003 Conference,
Hong Kong
The 2nd Conference. “Transnational Networks: Challenges in Research and Documentation of the Chinese Overseas.
2005 Conference
The 3rd Conference. “Maritime Asia and the Chinese Overseas 1405-2005.”
2009 Conference
Guangzhou, China
The 4th Conference. “Interaction and Innovation: Multidimensional Perspectives in Chinese Overseas Studies.”
2012 Conference
Vancouver, Canada
The 5th Conference. “Chinese through the Americas”.

The Sixth WCILCOS Conference was held in Xiamen, China in October, 2015. The Center for Southeast Asian Studies at Xiamen University, Huaqiao University and Ohio University Libraries jointly hosted this conference. For more information on the Sixth WCILCOS Conference, click the following link: http://overseaschineseconfederation.org/the-sixth-wcilcos/